Why Target Marketing Group

Why Target Marketing Group

Target Marketing Group isn’t just a promotional merchandise dealer — we do much more than that! From fulfillment and printing services to custom embroidery and strategic brand building, we provide everything you need to help your company grow. Founded in 1986, Target Marketing Group is one of the largest distributors and importers of promotional merchandise in the United States. We offer a wide variety of marketing support services, including fulfillment, creative design, and extensive decorating capabilities. We understand that to be successful, we must help our clients – large and small – be successful.




After weeks of progress and growing optimism around an end to the US-China trade dispute, there was a sudden reversal late last week. On several key issues, the US interpreted China’s position as retreating on prior agreements – initiating a response by President Trump to move forward with an increase to the current tariff rates and a potential expansion of tariffs to cover all Chinese imports. China’s leadership responded by levying additional tariffs on $60 billion of US exports to China. Unfortunately, as the situation appears today, both sides have staked out positions that make a near-term agreement unlikely. Worst case, we are facing a protracted trade war that could have significant implications for our industry and the global economy.

The situation has been unfolding very rapidly, but here is what we know today:

  • Tariffs on the existing $200 billion of Chinese imports will increase from 10% to 25% effective June 1st (for shipments made prior to May 10th).
  • The 25% tariff impacts the product categories originally included in the 10% tariff regulations that were enacted last September. The major categories relevant to our industry are: Bags and Stationery products, and portions of Drinkware, Technology and other Accessory categories.
  • The US Trade Representative announced Monday that the US has begun the formal process to expand the 25% tariff to all other imports from China (i.e. those currently not subject to tariffs).
  • This represents an additional $300+ billion of imports from China and would cover a large majority of product categories sold in our industry. The public hearing and comment period end June 24th – so the expanded range of tariff categories would not be imposed until after that date.

It is difficult to assess the potential implications to all of the products we sell. It is equally challenging to predict how this will play out over the coming weeks.

We will do our best to advise our clients on a case by case basis about the additional costs for each product as it is quoted and ordered. We understand and appreciate the challenge the tariffs and related price increases pose to your business. You have our commitment to work through this together – and to do so equitably and with as much transparency as possible. We will provide further updates over the coming weeks as additional news and information becomes available.

As always, thank you for your ongoing support of Target Marketing Group

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Kudos from Our Clients

I also believe it was very successful and in speaking with other Supplier Reps they felt the same. Every Supplier Rep there was writing up multiple sample requests, spec sample and virtual mock-up requests. Any time, you are able to do so at an end user event means it is beyond successful!

Marty Buddenbohn, Vitronic

Thanks John, I thought the event was awesome!

Mike Valentini, MVPromos

Thank you!!!!-Faith
Thank you so much for the goodie tower!!! As we work late this evening it is a truly delectable treat!!! We are devouring it! You are so very good to us. We do not know where we would be without Flora and Rose!


I received your gift today and wanted to send you a quick note. Your team has been great to work with and seems to always make our needs a priority. The service is excellent and communication prompt.
From our team we wanted to send you all a big thank you to you and your team.

Thanks again- Matt Schulte, WT

Wow!!! Thank you so much for the quick turn-around time for the JFF and PCI t-shirts! I was amazed as to how fast they were produced and delivered. The quality of the shirt and silk screening are absolutely perfect. You have a life-long customer. Thank you again,


WOW~ I received a box of jackets in my office today. I opened to look but nothing else… they look spectacular. THANK YOU for the prompt service

Diane Borucki | Sr. Administrative Assistant, Materials Technologies W. R. Grace & Co.,

Tracey, thank you very much for all your help last week in getting me the 15 items I needed for our meeting tomorrow. I appreciate your customer friendly attitude in helping me with this order as I was on vacation and you made my life so much easier with your help. THANK YOU so much. Please pass this email onto your manager for me. I want him/her to know what an asset they have in being their employee.
Val Sent: Monday, August 13, 2018 10:25 AM

Kudos to Tracey

Thanks for reaching out. Hope this late really finds you well. You guys don’t seem to get a break from wet and now cold. A hearty group you are. The awards should go smooth, unless they want to make their footprint overnight...which would be understandable. Both are terrific fellas and will listen to your thoughts and ideas. I did take the new position. It’s like being home, in that, Penske has an equity position with the company. His endorsement of me to take on the challenge was one a rational person would not turn down. I was honored that I received that from him.

Kudos to Pat

I’ll keep my eye open for us to work together in this new role. It’ll take me awhile to get up and running, but I’ll be at speed in 2019. Again, you were at the top of my list when it came to out-the-company business relationships...and we never laid eyes on one another! Please note new contact info:
fryer@hino.com | 248-914-0663

Sincere all best, Mike

Kudos to Donna, Suzette and Embroidery Team!
Yes! We received it and I organized and distributed on Friday. I have to say that they came out AWESOME! I've done a bunch of shirt orders in the past and have never had the embroidery look SO good! You guys did a great job! I'll be in touch tomorrow!

Thanks, Jessica

Kudos to Christine!
Thank you!! You are so easy and awesome to work with!

Tracy Hardaway, PHR, SHRM-CP, CIR Corporate Director, Talent Development

Awesome Service!!- I worked for a large retail company for close to 4 years where I partnered with TMG for a vast number of operational supplies and equipment for 187 stores, nationwide. In working with TMG, I was able to create an online ordering website with custom restrictions, order categories, and approval levels that made the ordering process seamless for our retail stores. TMG provides excellent customer service and amazing dedication to their accounts. They have always gone the extra mile when I've needed them too (which was quite often) and have always met and exceeded my expectations in all projects we have worked on together. I would strongly recommend TMG to anyone looking for a dedicated consultative partner. A big shout out to Debra, Charles, and Dani , thank you for all your hard work! You guys are the best! 🙂

Kudos to Dani, Debra and Charles

Kudos to Frank and Susan
Hi Frank, Our CEO loved the shirt!! Thank you very much. He now wants me to order more for him and the executive team in various colors.

Thanks, Karen

Kudos to Christine and Rose
I have been wanting to send you an email. As you know I have placed many orders this season with the change in our staff uniforms. It is such a pleasure working with Christine, she is so helpful and awesome to work with. Actually, everyone that I deal with at Target Marketing is so friendly from Rose out front to everyone that loads my car when I am picking up boxes. Just wanted to share my experiences!!

Thanks so much, Ginna, Caves Valley

Congratulations to Gillian for getting her 1st order with the MD lottery! Exciting things to come! TMG has been trying for years to get in with them!

Congrats to Gillian

Congrats to Donna, Cindy and Peggy
We have received the order. Payment has been entered for processing. Thank you so much for all of your help. Everything looks good. Thank you for following up to ensure receipt. Your service has been awesome.

Our Clients

I am sure you have heard the comparisons between Pelican and Yeti. Please check out this link to a hilarious video and you decide:


Pelican has:

  • Thicker insulation
  • Made in USA
  • Better latches
  • Longer Ice Retention
  • Lifetime Guarantee

Pelican Coolers are great for the outdoor enthusiasts: Hunting, boating, fishing, camping and beach events. They are available in 20qt, 30qt, 45qt, 50qt, 70, & 80qt sizes.