The Journey Towards a Healthier Nation…Starts in the Office?

That’s right! What better place to start than where Americans spend 1/3 of their time? The workplace serves as a great support system of peers. and can provide all the motivation needed to achieve your health goals from making healthier decisions to losing weight.

June 2013 marks the 5th annual National Employee Wellness month.

The goal of this initiative is to reduce healthcare costs by focusing on preventable and highly manageable chronic diseases, such as heart disease and type II diabetes. Last year more than 65,000 employees pledged their support, and hope to expand on that number this year. Click here for more information or to learn how to pledge your support.


Many employers are even creating their own internal health challenges. For example, prizes can be awarded to the employees who walk the most steps in the month of June or see who can last the longest before buying lunch out. Organizing lunch walks or jogs is another great way to promote health at the office. Providing employees with items such as water bottles, pedometers, workout bands, earbuds, towels, gym bags or even apparel, will help keep them on track towards a healthy lifestyle and can help create synergy in the office. The idea is to have fun and to promote food employee health!

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